Our Programs



The Foundation’s financial aid and material assistance is administered directly to deserving recipients or through contributions to charitable organizations with which the Foundation has working partnerships. Particular emphasis is given to the support of Marine tankers, especially those of the 2d Tank Battalion, 2d Marine Division, as well as other armed service personnel and their families. Since inception, we have donated over $655,000

  Active Duty Marines & Veterans

  • 1stLt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship providing college scholarships to Marine Tankers and/or children of Marine Tankers. To date, we have given over fifty scholarships to deserving young men and women totaling $175,000.
  • Direct Marine Support. We have worked with the leadership of 2nd Tank Battalion and Family Readiness Officer (FRO) to help Marines and their families. To date, we have spent $25,000 on and off base to support our Marines. Samples of support have been: 1) Started Baby Program giving every Marine family a package of diapers, wipes, and clothing upon birth of child; 2) Administering “Tanksgiving” program purchasing turkey and all accoutrements for Marines and their families in financial hardship; 3) Funded the furnishing and fixtures for the Family Counselor office at Camp Lejeune; 4) Had the ability to help a Marine’s son who was involved in a swimming accident and was currently hooked up to various types of machines to regulate his body temperature and other life support requirements. Living in the hurricane heavy state of North Carolina, the Marine's family was worried of a power outage. The loss of power could result in the death of this little boy. Ace in the Hole Foundation quickly provided funds to install a generator; and 5) Sent a 19 year old Marine and his family to Disney World for the first time.

  Those Who Are In Need

· We work directly with health & human organizations in providing funds to provide care, awareness, and/or research. Ace in the Hole has provided over $450,000 in funds to assist the following organizations:

      Wounded Warrior Project $102,300   

Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types $95,000   

Huntington's Disease Society of America $62,000  

 St. Martin de Porres School $50,000   

United Veterans Beacon House $44,500   

Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities (ACLD) $10,000   

America's Vet Dogs $10,000   

Terence Cardinal Cooke Huntington's Disease Center $10,000   

Lulu & Leo Fund $7,500

   USO of Greater Jacksonville $7,000

   Generation Iraq $6,000

   Women at Risk $5,000

   United Cerebral Palsy Suffolk County $5,000

   Oliver Miller Fund $5,000

   Wounded Warrior Battalion - East $5,000

   Snowball Express $5,000

   Toys for Tots - Nassau County $5,000

   Cerebral Palsy Nassau County $5,000

   Greg Buckley Scholarship (Oceanside) $3,500

   Canine Companions for Independence $3,333

   Williams Syndrome $2,500

   American Legion Auxiliary - Manhasset $2,414

   Lead the Way Fund $1,600

   Manhasset Women's Coalition Against Breast Cancer $1,000

   Littles Sisters of Assumption $700

   Operation Renewed Hope Foundation $600

   Houston Hurricane Relief $448

   Museum of Military History $300

   Semper Fi Fund $250

   Ephebic Oath Project $250

   Shield Institute $250

   Christian Regenhard Center $250

   Wytheville Community College  $200    

These organizations were chosen with the belief that Mike would have supported them while living. Each held a special place in his heart.